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LogiLink® Digital 1-Port USB power meter with two decimal places

  • Detects USB charging current, voltage, discharge capacity, quantity of electrical charge, power and charging time
  • Built-in electronic switch element to protect your equipment automatically switches off the output on fault detection
  • Switchable display allows different test results to be displayed
  • Voltage measuring range: 3.6-30V (precision 0.01V)
  • Current measuring range: 0-5A
  • Measuring rate: 0.5 times/second
  • Self-current consumption: < 0.015A
  • Reversible USB connector – It is always plugged in correctly at any time and any way
  • LCD display with low power consumption
  • Compact design

Order Id: PA0158

EAN: 4052792047042

PU: 100 Pieces

With the PA0158 you can measure voltage (V), current (A), electrical power (W), capacity (Ah) and electrical energy (Wh) quickly and easily. Test your USB devices or USB cables and control consumption in no time at all: To do this, just plug the USB device/cable to be tested into the power meter and connect the meter to a USB power source such as a laptop or power bank. At the touch of a button you can switch between the different displays and read the desired data.

Technical Hotline: 10:00 a.m - 06:00 p.m, (+49) 2351-66887-19
(German landline number)

Email: support@logilink.com
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